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Advanced Glass and Ceramics, Inc.

2983 Irwin Dr.
St. James, NC 28461

Tel: Mobile: 1.508.954.0900

E-mail: landry@porousglass.com

Advanced Glass and Ceramics specializes in the machining of porous materials: glasses(Vycor 7930 and Pyrex), ceramics and metals. We serve scientists and engineers in over 50 countries who are developing new technologies, products and applications. The markets we service are diverse: military, medical, electronics, space and oil exploration, environmental, pharmacuetical, biotechnology. We market reference electrodes used in ph meters and porous ceramic vacuum chucks for the electronics industry.

Web Site: www.porousglass.com
Contact: Charles Landry

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Centerline Technologies

577 Main Street, Suite 270
Hudson, MA 01749

Tel: 978-568-1330
Fax: 978-568-1334

E-mail: hugh@centerlinetech-usa.com

Centerline Technologies capabilities include lapping, polishing, laser machining, diamond sawing, edge/diamond machining, tumbling and a filled via planarity process.

Web Site: www.centerlinetech-usa.com
Contact: Hugh Muffoletto

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Centorr Vacuum Industries, Inc.

55 Northeastern Blvd.
Nashua, NH 03062-3126

Tel: 603-595-7233
Fax: 603-595-9220

E-mail: skr@centorr.com

Manufacturers of vacuum and controlled atmosphere sintering furnaces for operation from -300C to 3000C and pressure levels from 10-9 torr to 1500 psig. Complete systems available in laboratory and production sizes. Designed for operation in vacuum, Ar, N2, and H2 for co-firing, pressure sintering, hot pressing, reaction bonding, metal injection molding, fiber optics, crystal pulling, heat treating, and brazing. Process evaluation and testing available in our Applied Technology Center.

Web Site: www.centorr.com
Contact: Scott Robinson

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CeraNova Corporation

85 Hayes Memorial Drive
Marlborough, MA 01752

Tel: 508-460-0300
Fax: 508-460-0325

E-mail: info@ceranova.com

CeraNova develops and commercializes novel ceramic technologies for both structural and functional applications, including ceramic superconductors, piezoelectric ceramic fiber, and transparent ceramics. Technical expertise at CeraNova includes extrusion, tape casting, directional solidification, and general ceramics processing including mixing, forming and firing. Inquiries on proprietary contract research or development programs and toll services are welcome.

Web Site: www.ceranova.com
Contact: Marina Pascucci

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CM Furnaces Inc.

103 Dewey Street
Bloomfield, NJ 07003

Tel: 973-338-6500
Fax: 973-338-1625

E-mail: jneill@cmfurnaces.com

Furnaces operating at temperatures from 650C-2200C. Batch and continuous pusher furnaces from lab scales to fully automated production units. Electric with high-efficiency insulation packages. Atmospheres: Furnaces available to operate in hydrogen, nitrogen, inert or air atmospheres. Continuous dew point and oxygen-level monitoring and control are offered.

Web Site: www.cmfurnaces.com
Contact: Jim Neill

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EBL Products Inc.

91 Prestige Park Circle
East Hartford, CT 06108-1918

Tel: 860-290-3737
Fax: 860-291-2533

E-mail: eblpzt.paul@sbcglobal.net

Manufacturer and precision machining of piezoceramics.

Web Site: www.eblproducts.com
Contact: Paul Stokes

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Ferro-Ceramic Grinding, Inc.

5 Cornell Place
Wilmington, MA 01887

Tel: 800-282-1833
Fax: 781-246-1429

E-mail: sales@ferroceramic.com

Technical ceramic component supplier specializing in BN, Al2O3, quartz, Macor, SiC, ferrites, ZrO2 and related materials. Using innovative machining techniques has enabled the company to provide competitive pricing from prototype to production quantities for over 37 years.

Web Site: www.ferroceramic.com
Contact: Costa Sideridis

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FlackTek, Inc.

1708 Hwy 11, Bldg. G
Landrum, SC 29356

Tel: 864-895-7441
Fax: 864-895-7442

E-mail: Speedmixer@flacktek.net

FlackTek Inc. offers an advanced tool for mixing, grinding/milling, and dispersing. This Non-Invasive MixingTM technology can be used to process any combination of powders, pastes, putties and liquids from 1g to 5kg. The SpeedMixer removes air bubbles while homogenizing the sample, in seconds, and there is ABSOLUTELY NO CLEANUP!

Web Site: www.speedmixer.com
Contact: Sharon Gordon

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Geller MicroAnalytical Laboratory Inc.

426 Boston Street (Rt 1)
Topsfield, MA 01983-1216

Tel: 978 887-7000
Fax: 978 887-6671

E-mail: sales@gellermicro.com

Geller MicroAnalytical Laboratory, certified to ISO-9001 and ISO-17025, offers products and analytical services to the technical community. Products include NIST traceable magnification reference standards, reference materials for surface analysis, SEM X-ray and microprobe techniques, high vacuum desiccators, metallographic equipment, and computer control digital imaging systems for SEMs and microprobes. Analytical services include Auger electron spectroscopy, SEM, X-ray, Electron Microprobe, profilometry, and metallography.

Web Site: www.gellermicro.com
Contact: Joseph Geller

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HC Starck Fabricated Products

45 Industrial Drive
Newton, MA 02461

Tel: 617-630-5800

E-mail: jensen.r@hcstarck.com

Web Site: www.hcstarck.com/en/home.html
Contact: Rob Jensen

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NETZSCH Instruments North America, LLC.

129 Middlesex Turnpike
Burlington, MA 01803

Tel: 781-272-5353 x1810
Fax: 781-272-5225

E-mail: dave.shepard@netzsch.com

Manufacturer of Thermal Analysis and Thermophysical Properties Measurement Instruments. Our specialties include high temperature simultaneous TGA-DSC instruments, dilatometers and thermal conductivity instruments. Contract Testing services are also available.

Web Site: www.netzsch.com
Contact: David Shepard

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Osram Sylvania, Inc.

71 Cherry Hill Dr
Beverly, MA 01915-1068

Tel: 978-750-1696
Fax: 978-750-1795

E-mail: Jason.Montaner@sylvania.com

Research development and manufacturing of glass and poly-crystalline ceramics for lighting and other precision materials applications.

Web Site: www.sylvania.com
Contact: Jason Montaner

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Oxy-Gon Industries, Inc.

42 Old Route 28, P.O. Box 40
Epsom, NH 03234

Tel: 603/736-8422
Fax: 603/736-8734

E-mail: sales@oxy-gon.com

Oxy-Gon specializes in quality high temperature, high vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnaces for the research industry for nearly all applications with supplemental emphasis in manufacturing. Additional products include fiber draw furnaces, gas purification units and tungsten/molybdenum mesh or weave heating elements.

Web Site: www.oxy-gon.com
Contact: Fred McLaughlin, Technical Sales & Marketing

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PremaTech Advanced Ceramics

160 Goddard Memorial Drive
Worcester, MA 01603-1260

Tel: 508-791-9549
Fax: 508-793-9814

E-mail: info@prematechac.com

PremaTech continues the tradition, started by Chand Kare in 1980, of providing contract-machining service to advanced ceramic manufacturers. With advanced technology, PremaTech provides support from the simplest slicing and dicing to the most sophisticated 4 and 5 axis machining of advanced ceramic components in prototype to production quantity.

Web Site: www.prematechac.com
Contact: Ellen Costello

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Raytheon Company

350 Lowell St.
Andover, MA 01810

Tel: 978-470-5681
Fax: 978-470-9003

E-mail: c_scott_nordahl@raytheon.com

As part of the Mechanical Engineering Directorate of Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems, Materials Engineering provides a wide range of technical, engineering and lab capabilities and services in all disciplines falling under the umbrella of materials science. Supporting these technical areas is a full range of analytical capability including: chemical, mechanical, and electrical and environmental analysis and test.

Web Site: www.raytheon.com
Contact: C. Scott Nordahl

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RD Webb Company, Inc.

6 Huron Dr
Natick, MA 01760

Tel: 401-267-8802
Fax: 401-262-4935

E-mail: rdwebb@alum.mit.edu

The RED DEVIL is a high temperature vacuum/inert gas furnace designed specifically for university, industrial, and government research laboratories. Because of it's unique and patented features, it is often used for manufacturing and production of small high value components as well. No cooling water or drain is required and a standard wall outlet provides sufficient electrical power to operate the furnace at full temperature. There are no water cooling channels to clog, no chamber corrosion from galvanic action, and no water cooling leaks degrading vacuum quality. The table top furnace comes complete with all components required for operation.

Web Site: www.rdwebb.com
Contact: Rick Webb

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Stellar Industries Corp.

50 Howe Avenue
Millbury, MA 01527

Tel: 508-865-1668
Fax: 508-865-5016

E-mail: snooky@stellarind.com

A Fabricator of Laser Diode / Photodetector Submounts using materials such as AlN, BeO, and Al203. Specializing in vapor deposited GoldTin solders on thick film and thin film substrates. Stellar manufactures precise machined ceramic mounts with wrap-around metalizations. Stellar also fabricates Direct Bonded Copper Substrates for Power and Thermal Management.

Web Site: www.stellarind.com
Contact: John B. Snook

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Superior Technical Ceramics Corp.

600 Industrial Park Road
St. Albans, VT 05478

Tel: 802-527-7726
Fax: 802-527-1181

E-mail: sales@ceramics.net

An American manufacturer well known for oxide ceramic component manufacturing capabilities including raw material fabrication, most known powder compaction methods, and unfired & diamond machining. Elaborate use of CNC work centers enables STC to lead the industry in providing the highest quality, cost-effective components for the aerospace, electronic instrumentation, wear & abrasion, thermal protection industries, pump, seal & dispensing systems, and laser system manufacturers.

Web Site: www.ceramics.net
Contact: Simon Doran

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Thinky USA, Inc.

23151 Verdugo Drive Suite 107
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Tel: 603-774-5894 (MSD)
Fax: (949) 768-9003

E-mail: matt@msdsales.com

The THINKY mixer, with or without vacuum, mixes, disperses, mills and degases materials in seconds to minutes in a jar, beaker, bottle, syringe or cartridge. The benefits are speed, uniform dispersion, deaeration, no impeller, and ease of use. THINKY mixer capacities range from a few grams to 20 kg of material depending upon the model and the container. THINKY mixers are used in a wide range of applications by 18,000 different customers in the world.

Web Site: www.thinky.co.jp/us/
Contact: Matt Bracy